Monday, February 04, 2008

The Big Bed Adventure

The boys had their first meeting today on the bed. It went really well, there was no fighting at all, in fact the fatboys barely glanced their way! I'm really pleased as the babies have been living in the little cage with the Fatboys old litter and newspaper and it's getting really smelly, hopefully if intros continue to go so well they'll all be together before you can say RATTIEEEEEEEES!
Freddie was my main concern as he used to have "anger issues" but it seems the castration has really helped with this and he has really settled down. He allowed the babies to follow him round and hassle him quite a lot and then curled up under the cover when it all got too much for him :o)
Squiggle was slightly more apprehensive but then he's like that anyway, he's very nervy :o(
He did the same as Freddie though and went for a snooze when it all got too much and didn't mind whent he babies went for a nap too.
The difference in size surprises me every time! I can't believe that the Fatboys used to be this small!!
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