Sunday, May 06, 2007

Home from Stanford Hall

What a lovely weekend :o)
Very calm and peaceful, no manic rushing around or alcohol fuelled shenanigans, just very pleasant with nice company to boot :o)
An uneventful journey, a pleasant afternoon/evening camping and cooking and eating chillis! Wrapping in blankets to keep out the cold and trekking across the field for the loo!
An uneventful journey to the show, then we pulled into the carpark and whose van did we see but Ben's! YAY! We love Ben :o)
It was very nearly an uneventful show too but Becky bought a bug!! YAY! She'd never have done it if it weren't for the whip round though, but i am now the proud part owner of a '66 beetle ;o)
It's a really nice show, LOTS of vehicles and a proper concours competition. Unfortunately Andy lost out this time to the man he beat at Stansted and came 4th out of seven in category 3. Never mind, it's Dubs @ the Park next weekend, i'm sure he'll be defending his title very keenly :oD
It sounds like it was a really boring weekend with nothing happening and why did we drive for 3 hours yesterday to go and do nothing? But we didn't really do nothing, just nothing really exciting! It was special in it's own calm and chilled out way, with no manic alcohol consummmption, no need to stay up until 5am and plenty of good company, a weekend i'd like to repeat :o)
The journey home was exciting, we got lost for a while, then made our way back to the M1 and pootled home, left Andy and Amanda at the M25 to head in the opposite direction and pootled round the M25.
THEN! Something exciting happened!! We were about to overtake someone when a white van pulled alongside us and wouldn't get out the way, then when we both looked round there was Alex and SJ waving manically at us from his works van! It was a very surreal moment, i'm guessing he'd been to work and was heading home, maybe? So that was it, he drove along our convoy and waved manically at the others then sped off on his merry way :oD
So, we're home after a pleasant but uneventful weekend and looking forward to Bracknell next weekend and getting lost on the housing estate (again) :oD
Happy Bank Holiday Monday everyone :o)


Bloke said...

Beckys Bug is a 66 not a 65 ;)
Very rare it is too!
Certainly made my weekend helping her get it after her rotten luck with the last one :)

Piglottie said...

Franney it sounds such a great weekend. And I agree, one of the things I love about camping is snuggling up against the cold - you get to really feel the elements for a change :)