Monday, April 16, 2007

Here kittykittykitty!

So, there we were, just sitting round the fire, chilling and chatting and drinking tea ;o) when we were joined by the cutest little tabby cat. Luckily Lukey was asleep on the sofa with me and had the blanket over his head. Honestly, it was quite surreal! She was so friendly, after she'd made love to Amanda and me she threw herself at the boys and despite Rojjie and Andy both saying they didn't like cats they seemed to enjoy the experience! Rojjie was heard to shout "if you get off my throat i'll stroke you" after she made her way up from his lap and sat on his face! *LOL*
Unfortunately Lukey woke up when he heard the commotion, spied the cat and started stressing, so as unfair as it may seem i decided it was past his bedtime (which it was anyway) and put him to bed in the van. I love my dog, but when he starts getting stressed out it stresses me out too because i worry about him and what he might do :o(
I also like some "me" time when we are away and if i'm not worrying about other dogs (or cats!) coming into our camp then life is a bit more chilled :o)
We reckon she must be the caretakers cat, she was very at home in the field and around strangers and she had a collar on too so she wasn't a stray. Amanda left her car door open all night in the vain hope that she could lure the cat in to her car and take her home ;o)

Sunday morning and i was up at 8am after being awake off and on for what felt like hours and was probably 3, i popped to the loo, took Lukey out for his morning constitutional then settled in for more crochet while i waited for everyone else to wake up! Luckily i didn't have to wait too long ;o)
Once we were all up and tidied away and had decided not to bother with breakfast we headed off to find a pub for some lunch, which turned out to be not too far away and was bloody goooooorgeous! Roast beef with all the trimmings thankyouverymuch, proper fresh veg too and a non-frozen yorkiepud! Homemade puddings too! YUM!
I really enjoy our little camping trips, and i've made so many good friends over the last year too, it's GREAT!

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Piglottie said...

Sounds like a great weekend away Franney - great pics, excellent fire, crazy cat! MrP and I would love a VW, one day maybe...