Thursday, October 12, 2006

one potato, two potato...

Today i spent some time in the garden and dug up the second earlies that should have been dug up at the beginning of September! Luckily there is no rot and only two tiny ones were green, although they are slightly larger than traditional new potatoes generally are! Hopefully it will stay dry this weekend and i can dig up the maincrops too and get the veg patch tidied up a bit, it's gone a bit tatty i'm afraid. It's not easy mustering the energy to go and garden when all you want to do is curl up and nap however much you know that gardening is significantly better for you than napping is!
I also pulled the carrots up and put them in a box of sand to store them, it's the first time i've done it so i hope it works. They look lovely, little round balls of crunchy orange goodness. Even the loooooong carrots i grew came out straight, so at least i know what to do for next year, they need a nice soft, sandy soil so that they roots don't get twisted and bent. Hopefully next year though i will get more than six!
In knitting news... Last night saw the last stitch of "backyard leaves" from Scarf Style, all i have to do now is block it and stitch the two halves together, it's very exciting! I also started on the leaf and trellis (is that the name? i'll have to go check now) socks from socks soar by cat bordhi and they are coming along slowly but surely.
I need to find some mindless knitting or crocheting to do for when i just have to pick something up without needing a pattern to follow. I tried the ripple scarf pattern from Artesano Alpaca but i didn't like how it came out, either the pattern is written wrong or i am following it wrong because it was lop-sided! I'm sure i'll give it another go one day, after all it cost over two quid so i'm not letting it go to waste! I need to get another scarf started for my Christmas gifts, i'm thinking the "vintage velvet" from Scarf Style, i like a bit of cabling :o)
I'm doing well with finishing things, i've got the dawg's blankie done, and very gorgeous it is too *sniggering* I've at least five more blankies to finish, two human size, one child sized, one dog sized and one cat sized! I also had a good rummage through my bags of UFO's and found two shawls that need finishing. One is a lovely soft cotton with a bright pink motif round the edge and the other is a rather vile peach coloured mohair blend that i really don't want to do but i must! I'll take piccies soon, need to update Flickr! with recent finished things.

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