Saturday, June 10, 2006


Sometimes i could kiss my postman, but only because he brings me lovely parcels! Actually, i wouldn't kiss him because i am shallow and he has had an encounter with the ugly stick bu that's besides the point! LOOK what he brought me in the post this morning
What you have here is 400g of undyed Opal sock yarn
Can we say happy? *LOL*
All i have to do now is to decide which colours of KoolAid i will be flinging in it's general direction. I fancy one skein base dyed in lemonade with splashes of raspberrycranberry and orange, and maybe one in LemonLime with IceBlueRaspberryLemonade So many colours to choose from, and here am i, the world's worst decision maker! I hope i manage to create something that doesn't look like the dog threw it up *lmao*
OK, i am off to experiment (i think) or i might just leave it for another day

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