Thursday, May 12, 2005

Frogging Adventures

Today i am learning all about frogging shop-bought jumpers and then skeining it and dying it with kool-aid! Well, so far i have done the two sleeves, but that's ok cos i haven't even got the kool-aid yet, though i have bought some on eBay!

It's very calming actually. I am working slowly, unpicking seams as neatly as i can so i don't go through the main fabric of the jumper. Tomorrow i shall make a "kniddy knoddy" - such a cool word don't you think! It's basically a plank of wood with two nails banged in at exactly 36 inches apart, therefore when you wind your yarn onto it to make it into a skein you can get an accurate measurement of how much yarn you have! I have learnt so much today, and most of it has come from one woman's blog - thankyou, whoever you are!

I wish i could remember more often to pick up my knitting or crochet. I enjoy doing it when i do it but i tend to sit and do nothing because i forget it's there and that's just silly. Especially with those boxes of yarn i have upstairs to make into exciting things. Well, exciting small things anyway, big projects scare me. They bore me too, i get halfway through and find i can't be bothered to do any more. Shocking!>

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